offshoring case studies

Introductory Video Workshop on Offshoring Business Trends and Offshoring Case Studies

Never before seen  a 3 part video workshop series   Ideal guide for many businesses. Whether small, large and start-ups looking to gain some insights on Offshoring.   Mike showcased real offshoring case studies of successful businesses that have made offshoring part of their strategy. This is Part 1 of the video workshop series,   These […]

FREE Webinar – Ride the wave of opportunity from $100 a week workers – Offshoring a massive change is circling the World

Starting on July 14…Mike O’Hagan will deliver a 3 part webinars on “Offshoring as a Massive Opportunity”.  To register, just click here… Here’s just a few of the enormously powerful points you’ll learn … Learn how you can Maximise the productivity of Offshore resources. Discover where lots of new business opportunities are developing An insight […]