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Introductory Video Workshop on Offshoring Business Trends with Case Studies

Never before seen  a 3 part video workshop series Ideal guide for many businesses – small, large and start-ups looking to gain some insights on Offshoring Part 1 of this video workshop series, Mike showcased real case studies of successful businesses that have made offshoring part of their strategy. These are only some of the many […]

Entrepreneurial Practicality and Strategy: How I Saved my Business from Crisis

For over 20 years of being a start-up entrepreneur, we enjoyed a constant profitable year on year growth.   From a humble investment of $200, we managed to bootstrap to $30 million in revenue with 500 employees.   All was well until – the Global Financial Crisis. The GFC caused 60% reduction in our market activity.  It […]

The Evolution Of Offshore Workers – From Robotic Followers To Thinking Team Members.

The role of the offshore worker is currently undergoing change.  In fact, the entire outsourcing industry has changed dramatically over the years. Offshore workers are those who are employed overseas as an integral part of the organisation’s team.  They are involved in the day to day operations and may be employed by the company itself […]

Overseas Workers – Do they Share & Grow or Wither in Isolation?

It is as true for Overseas workers as it is for local employees …. Experienced people are usually not still with their previous employer for a reason.   Give me a dollar for everyone I’ve started over the years who showed their true colours after about 3 months with me and I’d be a rich man. […]

Offshoring Success – Experienced Entrepreneur, Mike O’Hagan, Shares Key Tips

In my role as an Educator, I’m seeing real results from developing teams of workers by teaching how to maximise the engagement of people and Offshoring services in the Philippines, Historically large businesses “outsourced” to a third party provider who ran a business process – a structured systemised and repeated procedure.  Without the scale of […]

Call Centres And Beyond – Discover Australian Business potential

At some time you have probably been connected to call centres in an area where wages are considerably lower than you are accustomed to in Australia, USA, UK or other developed nations.  These cost-effective labour models have been utilised by the major corporates over a number of years. The Philippines is an area that has […]

Hire Quickly, Move On Quickly: How to Get the Best from Employees

  Mike O’Hagan shares his practical strategies in hiring, training, managing and rewarding his employees in the Hire Quickly, Move On Quickly webinar last April 9. From posting a job ad online up to sealing a contract with the best candidate for the job, Mike shares his fast, easy and very practical employment strategy that […]

Mike O’Hagan Sharing the Secrets of Offshoring

Last March 12, 2015, Mike O’Hagan held his very first webinar where he discussed the ways businesses can engage people or services offshore. Included in the webinar are case studies of some businesses that have succeeded in increasing their productivity and profit by offshoring some of the tasks or a part of their business operations […]

What are All-Rounder Employees and How to Engage Them

What is an “all-rounder” employee? Most small or medium businesses start successful global sourcing by hiring all-rounder employees.  An all-rounder employee is an office worker able to complete most jobs,roles, or tasks in a typical small family company or business. This employee can answer the phone, check the mail, can respond to simple administrative e-mails, […]