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Learn Business Outsourcing Philippines to lower your overheads, do more for your customers while producing better workmanship

MikesBusinessTours is about teaching you HOW to get real results from Offshoring.

In Business Outsourcing Philippines, costs are lower as a typical administrative worker, well-educated with a University degree and a great English Language fluency often earns about $100 AUD a week.

The skills developed in these offshore countries go well beyond administration. Professions like IT, Accounting, Law, Marketing/Sales, Architecture/Engineering drafting, Management, etc. In short, professions that face computers or can be seen on video can be found in the Philippines.

Typically, you will move back office processes initially, such as finance or sales or some administration processes – then along the way, you will discover ways your services can be improved and extended with these focused, loyal and well-educated people. Many tour attendees develop new services or businesses from what they learn.

The competitive advantage that’s created has been phenomenal. Time and time again we see competitors get slam dunked and our attendees’ businesses go from strength to strength.

Costs go down (way down).. service deliverables go up. Improved productivity immediately improves the bottom line.

Many who offshore fail to understand the best strategies and tactics. If done correctly, results are outstanding. The key is to “know before you do”.

MikesBusinessTours teaches you how to maximise this great offshoring opportunity:

  1. 7 different ways you can engage workers or services with points for and against each. The tour also includes a look at manufacturing, administration and sales processes
  2. Low cost, low risk – ways you can start and develop your solution
  3. What is working and not working
  4. Where the latest opportunities are
  5. How to source and select the best engagement option
  6. What to consider while avoiding the potential traps
  7. Why you need to consider quality of workers and potential staff turnover by location
  8. How to train and develop your workers into “proactive thinkers”
  9. How to train – or as Mike prefers to teach – transfer your knowledge
  10. Learn to manage your resources and workers
  11. Offshore team development
  12. The culture differences and how to use this to your advantage

All with a massive dose of Entrepreneurship encouragement – most attendees redevelop their business plans after seeing the opportunities for themselves.

All this and more, Mike shows you first hand – on an intensive three day business learning tour about Business Outsourcing Philippines. Starting early Monday, finishing late Wednesday night – most fly up on Saturday and return on the Saturday – in one week Mike completely transforms most businesses.

To date over 330 business owners – from pre-start up to listed companies have benefited from MikesBusinessTours.

The tour stays on the leading edge. We have moved past robotic system followers to developing workers who can “proactively think”.

Develop your plans AFTER seeing the opportunities – not before – after all you don’t know what you don’t know.

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GUARANTEE – 100% tour cost money back if we don’t teach you more practical solutions you can instantly use than you can learn from attending any Conference.

100% tour cost money back guarantee if you don’t learn how to recover your tour cost within one month of you starting offshoring.