Will Offshoring suit my business?

If your business uses accounting or administrative processes of any kind, the answer to this question is emphatically … yes.

If your business would benefit from increased sales created by a team of dedicated workers, again, the answer is emphatically … yes.

If your business utilises technology, including the internet, whether it is for production, communication, research or service, then the answer is once more, emphatically … yes.

Essentially, if your business uses a computer or can be seen by video – it can be offshored with abundant advantages.

How well offshoring works in your business is completely up to how well you implement it. It is about knowing the best way to introduce procedures and to manage a remote team.

Yes there are challenges – we highlight these with solutions on the Tour.

I’ve tried outsourcing before, but it didn’t work. Why will this be different?

Mike O’Hagan, and MikesBusinessTours, are committed to remaining at the forefront of the Offshoring revolution. Many times business owners try using an overseas worker for some tasks without fully comprehending the processes required. For this reason, after completing the tour, and absorbing the knowledge that is shared, you will have a deeper understanding of how to use offshore staff to your best advantage.

Almost every day Mike helps people who messed up when Offshoring. There are tricks you need to know around how to and what NOT to. When you understand this with the culture and managing tricks – Offshoring is a GREAT resource that is changing most industries.

Are the offshore workers reliable?

The Filipino culture is one of loyalty and commitment. Their work ethic overall is astoundingly high. The family hierarchy is also responsible for such a high level of consistency as in most cases, each individual worker’s finances are handled by the family as a group. Employing home-based workers has specific challenges such as reliable internet or electricity which can impact on productivity, however the tour outlines successful options that do not have such difficulties.

Wouldn’t employing Australians rather than overseas workers be better for the local economy?

Consider this scenario. A small business owner is working 60-70 hours (or 90-100 hours!!) a week. After a year or more of this, the owner puts on one additional Australian worker. The business continues to grow steadily and both the owner and the staff member are working long hours, so a year or two latera second staff member is employed and the business continues to grow at a steady rate with the business owner required to be actively working in the business.

Now compare this scenario. The same small business owner is working 60-70-90-100 hours a week. To become more productive, he utilises his offshore team to handle his bookwork and administrative duties. At the same time, he puts on a dedicated offshore sales team of 4 or 5 staff members, at the same cost as one additional Australian worker, to generate more work as he now has time to handle additional income producing activities. Because this sales team is dedicated to increasing sales for 40 hours per week each; that’s 160-200 hours of sales activity, per week, from the team; the business owner is not only able to step back from being “on the tools” but also quickly employ a team of 6-8 Australian workers to undertake the income producing work that is being generated by the offshore team and enjoy a greater profit with the choice whether to work as hard or not.

How do you know that the remote-based staff will work when you’re not there?

The tour addresses the most successful ways to manage remotely-based staff. There are a number of management strategies that can be utilised and the advantages and disadvantages of these are discussed as a component of the business tour.

How long does the tour run?

The tour is an intensive three day business learning tour. Starting early Monday, finishing late Wednesday night – most attendees fly up on Saturday and return on the Saturday – in one week Mike completely transforms most businesses.

To date over 330 business owners – from pre-start up to listed companies have benefited from MikesBusinessTours

What is included in the tour?

All accommodation from the night before the tour through the final day and night. All transfers and meals for the tour schedule. Attendees are responsible for their flights to the Philippines, as well as accommodation, meals and transfers prior to and after the tour. The MikesBusinessTours team is available to assist with the organisation of these details. For costs, bookings or further information, please click here

When is the next MikesBusinessTours Business Tour?

Please Email Emma to see the schedule of forthcoming tours.

Please Email Emma to be added to the list to be notified when new tours are scheduled as well as times that Mike O’Hagan is presenting online or in person.

Why MikesBusinessTours?

  • Different options of offshoring and outsourcing are presented so attendees have a thorough understanding
  • The information is presented in an unbiased by a serial entrepreneur who is actively using these strategies daily and committed to helping other business owners and entrepreneurs succeed, rather than a commission-based salesperson
  • Specialist and generalist styles of staffing are examined in depth
  • Practical hands-on knowledge that is only accessiblethrough this face to face experience
  • Speak directly with the key decision makers and stakeholders to fully comprehend the complexities of the process
  • Individual opportunity to discuss with Mike O’Hagan the specific relevance of the businesses visited to determine which ones torevisit for greatest benefit to your business
  • Understand the challenges of employing offshore team members and how to avoid/overcome them
  • Understand the complexities of the legal system and the most streamlined method to proceed with offshoring
  • Understand the culture similarities and differences with an emphasis on real life experience
  • Outline of Philippine history to understand the nuances that impact on the staff members, the work ethic and the management styles
  • Learn how to combine the 2 cultures for your greatest business advantage.

Why the Philippines, not other low cost countries?

You can easily hire people or services in really low cost countries. We are talking people who typically earn about $100 a week who have great skills and work ethic.

Thousands of businesses now use offshoring to increase profit and build processes that feed the growth of your business.

The Philippines has additional benefits including:

The Christian based culture is reflective of the western values

English is taught in schools

The education system is both compulsory and highly desired by the Filipino people

There is strong work ethic

The family focus is robust and fundamental to the culture

The historical background of the Philippines has developed a desire in the population to please people from western cultures

For Australians especially, the time zone is a great advantage as it is the same as Perth/WA.