Great News – MikesBusinessTours now on dates to suit you!!

Yes;-  Mike’s Business Learning Tour has EVOLVED.

Now,  it’s a customised  2½ day Philippine specialised business growth learning tour.

The NEW tour is modified to suit 1-6 participants.  You start on any day to suit YOU – Monday to Thursday.  As a rule you can plan on 4 days – a day either side for travelling and 2 days on tour.

This is a customised 2½ day tour which includes 3 nights accommodation (in 2 cities) and meals during tour time.  The cost (everything except airfares) is $2700 AUD.  No bookings are made or confirmed until payment is received.

The goal is to teach how to structure, engage then develop the maximum productivity from the low cost Philippines – suited to YOUR particular needs.  We also work on business models/growth strategies.
From pre-start-up (looking for ideas) to micro, small, medium, large and even listed businesses, irrespective of Industry type (including Manufacturing) – Mike will adjust the learning experience to suit.


Before or after booking, we Skype chat about your potential requirements.  This is used to tailor parts of the tour.

A few days before your flight, Mike will run a 1.5 hour online Skype lecture around the fundamentals of the Philippines and offshoring. If you miss this, it means less visits so let’s make this hook-up happen.

The day starts at 7am (9am Australian body time) in the hotel.  Each day is crammed with lectures and meetings/visits which go well into the evening.  We also change Hotel/Cities.

The third day is optional but it is normally for tour end review to workshop a roll out plan to suit your needs and/or add in other activities as needed.

Whilst this tour is 1 day less than in the past – it still has the same content as the 3 day tours.  The reductions have been achieved by pre-assessing your needs which allows us to streamline the visits, and by moving some of the lectures to online prior to the tour.

Customised tours also mean flexible dates.  By speaking to Mike beforehand,  you have the luxury to choose the dates that suits you.

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