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Mike Business Tours Reviews: Read what other attendees have said

I had an amazing time on the tour last month. So very glad I did it. I came back with a new way of thinking within my business. Not just from the outsourcing side of things, but also the wealth of knowledge that Mike was willing to share with us.  Thanks Mike! – Kevin Feb 2017

I don’t know if I ever thanked you for all your help when we were on the tour last October.  We really appreciated how you lined up everything and helped us.  My wife had a great time with Angie.

We have our first two employees working in Manilla and hope to have more as this year progresses.

US – Hal  Oct 2016

Just wanted to say thanks to you and Emma for the tour, it greatly exceeded my expectations largely due to your willingness to freely share your knowledge. It had the perfect balance of business & cultural education (highlight was the trip to Sarli’s house).

Thanks again. Glen ,April 2017

“We have just returned from a week’s tour of Manila and Clark, visiting and exploring
seven different business models all built on success.
Mike’s Manila Tours exceeded our expectations in terms of value, variety, professionalism and being stamped with personality!
We needed to go on tour to gain a true insight into the hearts and minds of the Filipino people and to Learn how to collaborate and grow a new model to implement a global business.
We understood a new off shore business could not be developed on shore, so Mike’s tour was the obvious choice.
Mike hosts tours that are very welcoming and well organised. The accommodation is beautiful and Emma, Mike’s PA, is a superb communicator and wonderfully reliable the whole way through.
The information Mike shares is not available anywhere else and his firsthand experience is invaluable.
He has a fresh approach to teaching industrious business owners how to build business machines, demonstrating possible solutions and practical ways of helping people to move forward by changing
and evolving in a global market.
We are extremely grateful for the tour Mike has created, and for the chance to jump on board and share the new wave of opportunity.
The past week has been nothing less than defining moments and a life changing experience.
Keep…..…being amazing and making a difference”
Angela Fritzsch-Director, Integra Business Accountants
Karen Lynn-Business Director, Integra Business Accountants (October 2016)


“If you are looking at using outsourcing then there is one thing you must do at the very start.

You must go on one of Mike’s Manila Tours.

I know of no other tour, whether in the Philippines or elsewhere in the world, that provides you with first-hand introductions and moreover a great insight into the culture and possibilities. There were no rose coloured glasses views so often peddled out by outsourcing companies. We got an honest and insightful looking as to how to make outsourcing work for us. We were also made aware of all the roles that could be outsourced for our clients.

From that tour, I have found what has already proved to be a wonderful outsourcing solution. Moreover, I’ve avoided a number of mistakes I would have undoubtedly made. If you looking to outsource, you have to understand the people, culture and various options and Mike will give you that necessary knowledge and introductions.” Regards,  Alex Stewart August 2016


“Dear Mike

I’ve just landed back safely in Australia and I’ve been thinking the whole trip home about what kind of feedback I could give you. Words will not suffice.

I could not speak more highly about what I learnt from you on the Tour. I went there with certain expectations about offshoring (and the Philippines) but honestly, I had no idea. My mind has been completely blown by the opportunities. I’m back in my office today, totally pumped and to be honest still not knowing exactly where to start, the options and opportunities seem endless.

Learning from your experience and receiving the knowledge you passed on to us during the tour is absolutely priceless. In terms of developing my understanding of the emerging global economy I can’t imagine I would have learned more by doing an MBA, it really was that good. I will generate an ROI on this education many times over.

Your staff, including Emma and Joel are absolutely top notch, Joel made us feel very safe right throughout tour and Emma couldn’t have been more helpful (even in the few days after the tour officially ended). If that’s the quality of staff I can find in the Philippines then I’m in!

I was lucky enough to be on Tour with a great bunch of successful (and like-minded) Entrepreneurs which provided an immediate support network and also enhanced the learning environment (and no doubt some business opportunities in future).

The hotels you (or should I say Emma?) chose were excellent, in Manila in particular it was great to be located in a safe part of town and this proved a great base to tentatively explore from.

I will definitely be recommending Mike’s Manila Tours to friends and business associates. I can’t imagine anyone starting out on such a business journey without hearing what I heard from you first!” Thanks again, Cheers- Shane Ryan (Oct 2016)


You Can’t Do That – Book review by Ric Davies-  “Mike has done it again with You Can’t Do That. Because, yes! He can do that – and over the years I have watched Mike do it, succeeding time and again with his successful systemic approach. Mike simply does not know what cannot be done and believes no one who tells him otherwise.” Read More 


“Hi Mike

Many thanks .. for so many things .. but for me, the thing that really made an impact was the freedom to continue to dream crazy .. by providing me the opportunity to see other entrepreneurs and how creative they are with their ideas and solutions, that impacted me the most .. I now have several ideas to move on forward..

You wouldn’t believe it .. I came to awareness of two other companies whom also started to launch the idea of online/ call dr service .. it appears that the idea was waiting to happen and that given that we are universally connected, a few of us have been on the same wave length in regards to solving a global problem of the medical field being controlled for too long..

Once again, thank you Mike” Kind Regards, Irene Ibrahim (Jan 2016)


“Thanks for organising the tour, it was definitely insightful and gave me a much better understanding of how offshoring works in the Philippines and I now see new opportunities to improve and grow my business both now and in the future.” Best Regards, Tyson Grubb (Jan 2016)


I have been putting Mike’s tour off for some time and I am so glad I went.  I was overwhelmed with the possibilities of what can be outsourced.  Mike is a wealth of information, which was all very up to date with much experience behind him.  It is amazing how well he shared all the knowledge he has and it was all lots of fun.  Thank you Mike! Lydia Jordane, CEO LYCON COSMETICS.” Cheers, Lydia