The Efficient $100-a-Week Worker: An Effective Guide to Increasing Your ROI when Offshoring

Receive your FREE personal copy of this compendium of practical tips, implementation hints and essential knowledge that you can apply immediately. Using a global workforceto find more customers, discover new opportunities and skyrocket your cashflow.

Clarifying the various formats for engaging workers from other countries and highlighting many of the most efficient strategies and pitfalls to avoid. Reading this book and applying the implicit learnings will save you many hours of work. With the fundamental research already complete, ready for you to soar towards improved profits.

Mike O’Hagan shares his knowledge and tips about offshoring for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

effective guide to offshoring

Get a copy of this FREE ebook today and learn:

  • Different ways you can engage services or people
  • Learn where to avoid and what areas look good.
  • Practical Tips on how you can offshore effectively
  • How to manage without the culture differences
  • What the biggest issues are and how to overcome them
  • The type of skills work best – what’s difficult to find
  • What leading edge businesses are being developed
  • Opportunities that are available for you to capitalise on
  • What most people do wrong when offshoring

About the Author

Mike O'HaganMike O’Hagan is a reputable Speaker and Business Builder. He has been in several businessmentoring events, teaching and sharing what he learned from his years of experience on how to improve businesses in practical, smart and cost-effective ways.

Also, he is the founder and owner of Award winning Australian based MiniMovers as well as 5 other businesses operating in China, Hong Kong and the Philippines. He has been in business for over 30 years and has over 400 people working for him.

In this ebook, Mike shares his unparalleled insights on how to effectively set up your new employee or “team” offshore. You can connect with Mike in Linkedin to get updates on where and when his next business speaking engagement will be. Mike also leads intensive Business Intelligence in Offshoring Tours to the Philippines, where attendees can see for themselves the different aspects of offshoring, how offshored Filipino employees work, and the options to choose from when setting up an offshored team.

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