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Next Available Tour Date

Learn the tricks around developing a low cost but effective Offshore Team Our next tour will be on August 7-10.  This is a highly organised and effective learning experience.  Set lectures around the 7 different ways you can use Offshoring, the culture differences and how to use Offshoring to your advantage.  Visit 20+ workplaces – […]

Why Website Projects Fail

I’m being asked regularly “can you find me a person to do my website?”   I’m also witnessing many businesses messing up their websites and/or online strategy.   It’s also worth noting the dynamics of SEO this year has greatly changed when Google released RankBrain.  RankBrain the artificial intelligence of Google. It is the 3rd […]

Travel and Train the Australian Way…

The employer (that’s NOT YOU) drives the application.  An Australian specialised “training visa” is needed. Staff Leasers all know the drill.   Sometimes they process internally, some outsource to a local Visa service.  Training visa’s, with your support, are not that difficult to get. There’s a heap of paper work that must be exact.   The Worker […]