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Business Survival Strategies to Stay in the Same Business for 32 years

We started MiniMovers with a new-fangled golf ball typewriter – it was amazing, you didn’t need the hit the key hard when using 3 pieces of carbon paper but even better, was the “correct” key which typed backwards correcting mistakes (on the top copy).  It made us more “efficient” than competitors.

Yesterday, 32 years later I held two strategy discussions – one around using an API with an Aggregator to increase the feed into our sales funnel and other about streamlining our employment process using a Bot.   I doubt any of the people I discussed these things with, know what a golf ball typewriter was.  Not adopting “change” is crazy.  Change is normal – go with it or die.

Never ever stop learning.

I’m happy to share three aspects of how I managed 32 years in the same business – hmmm I have a funny feeling my attitude in this response, demonstrates why I have achieved my lifestyle:

#1 If you have to go to work tomorrow, you own a job.

My first business saw me working 90 hours a week while earning much the same as my staff who were working 40 hours a week. That’s plain stupid.   Your business should prove your lifestyle, it should NOT BE your lifestyle.  Either improve what you currently do, or find something you can scale without your time commitment.  I have an eBook “You can’t do that” at  This tells how I achieved my lifestyle.  If you want ideas around where the new opportunities are – arrange a skype chat with me.  In 38 years of business I have never seen an easier time to start a new business with no money and just a drive to “make it work” – than now. 

#2 Today it’s about online and offshoring.

You need to understand these influencers.  They are a competitive advantage and where many new business opportunities are developing.  Again, I have an EBook around this called “The Efficient $100 a week worker” email me at and I’ll send a free copy.  No strings – today I’m semi-retired with a bent around turning Business Managers into Entrepreneurs. I have this idea that the future for my Grandchildren can only come from generating businesses.

#3 Nail one income stream, own and control it, unhook your involvement THEN diversify.

Today I have 10 businesses in 3 Countries.  I don’t live in Australia and I travel, doing whatever I feel like.  The GFC scared me.  It made me realise radical sudden changes happen.  I had too many eggs in one basket.  That basket was both Moving and Australia.  Everything I’ve done has involved very little money – I just capitalise on what I have – usually my knowledge and my networks.  You can do this from wherever you are in life.  Stop, learn and think.  I teach all this and more on the 3 day Business Learning Tour – your brain will spin with the low cost opportunities.  Go to – again message me and let me assess your needs to what I teach.  340 people to date all rave about my teaching experience.

I made to 32 years in one business due to a clear strategy.  I set out to grow big with the idea I will always lead the market and change with the times.

Persist and change. 

To my friends who keep asking “what’s next?”  Disruption or irrelevance is increasing – however we have NEVER been accurate in predicting the future – other than most of the big changes being predicted will NOT happen – sorry to spoil the party but Self Driving cars will NOT become the norm and A.I. will not wipe out employment (yes I’m provoking debate).

To the kids – work on your people skills – most of what Universities are teaching will have radically changed before you graduate.  People skills will always hold you in good stead.  And yes, “coding” at primary school should be compulsory.

One of my biggest impediments/frustrations is, I never learned to use the Golf Ball Typewriter (keyboard skills in modern language) – smarty me employed smarter people than me to do this – this was a fundamental mistake or an advantage – note the Entrepreneurs who dropped Education and started a business.  Today I’m one of the fastest two finger typist you will ever see – and I have NO idea how to “code”.

How dumb can you get! Want to talk about API’s and Bots?