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Thinking Offshoring? Read this ……………

THE BACKGROUND 20 years ago the BIG corporate businesses outsourced their very structured processes to countries that have a pretty good education system and really LOW WAGES – like $100 a week. This developed a competitive edge over smaller businesses. 10 years ago Employment portals – like oDesk came along.  Suddenly Smaller employers in the […]

What’s the difference between Offshoring and Outsourcing?

I’ve had a few people ask me this. “Outsourcing” is when you give all or part of a business process to a third party who run the process, giving you back the result.  Most of us outsource our Accounting to an Accountant.  20 odd years ago big corporates outsourced complete processes like all their call […]

Effective Marketing: Attracting Buy-Ready Customers

Last May 7, Mike presented this month’s Business Learning Hour Series topic, “Effective Marketing: Attracting Buy Ready Customers”. Since it was the first session amongst the monthly hour series of entrepreneurial topics he will be discussing, Mike O’Hagan started by introducing himself and explaining why he started the series and his aim of helping entrepreneurs […]