Effective Marketing: Attracting Buy-Ready Customers

Last May 7, Mike presented this month’s Business Learning Hour Series topic, “Effective Marketing: Attracting Buy Ready Customers”. Since it was the first session amongst the monthly hour series of entrepreneurial topics he will be discussing, Mike O’Hagan started by introducing himself and explaining why he started the series and his aim of helping entrepreneurs improve their business.

In the presentation, Mike discussed the basics of marketing. He explained why we shouldn’t forget that the basics still works. A lot of business owners have been trapped by the excitement of using new ways of marketing such as social media. To the extent that they forget the fundamentals of marketing. Watch the video above and realize what the attendees have learned during the presentation.

Areas covered:

  • The excuses and reality when starting a business
  • The essentials of the business name
  • The objective of advertising
  • The selling process
  • Communication 101
  • and some sources of information

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