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Hire Quickly, Move On Quickly: How to Get the Best from Employees

In the Hire Quickly, Move On Quickly webinar last April 9. Mike O’Hagan shares his practical strategies. Strategies include the how to in hiring, training, managing and rewarding his employees. From posting a job ad online up to sealing a contract with the best candidate for the job. Mike shares his fast, easy and very practical employment strategy. The focus is on testing the core skills of the applicants.
He doesn’t spend much time in reading resumes, and doesn’t bother asking so many questions during the interview. He just go straight to testing if the candidate has the right set of skills to perform the tasks.
Mike also shares why he doesn’t look into “qualifications” and educational background. He wants individuals with the right set of attitude and the right set of core skills regardless of diplomas and certifications.
In this webinar, Mike also talked about the “shit sandwich”. A way of talking to your employee when a mistake has to be corrected. He also shares how he implements the employee reward system in MiniMovers through a kind of profit-sharing but with a twist.