Hiring an All-Rounder Filipino Virtual Assistant: Growing a New Right Arm

I don’t know any small business owner who doesn’t wish he had a clone – someone to do all the admin stuff that ties up their time – while they got on with managing and growing their company.

Medical science isn’t there yet but what if I told you it was possible to do the next best thing and grow a virtual right arm?

How? Outsource your admin work to an ‘all-rounder’ virtual assistant in the Philippines. I did and it transformed the way I ran my business. Read on and discover how hiring an all-rounder employee could increase your productivity.

What is an ‘All-Rounder”?

In simple terms, an All-Rounder is an office assistant able to do most of the admin tasks typically done by a small family business owner but which take their time away from the priorities like finding clients and growing the company.

Their tasks can include anything and everything from answering the phone, dealing with inquiries, managing your email and calendar, send out invoices, chase payments, pay bills, draft reports and presentations and so on.

They are your Man Friday, office angel, right-hand person and executive assistant all rolled into one. And you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them.

What does an All-Rounder do?

The great thing here is, as the boss, you get to decide but typically the All-Rounder can take the weight off your shoulders and help with:

  • Managing your email accounts – deleting junk mail, keeping your contacts up to date, sorting and prioritizing your inbox, monitor your outbox so they are up to speed on what’s going on in the company, respond in your name to simple requests
  • Coordinating and managing your calendar – setting appointments, booking travel arrangements like flights and hotels, sending reminders, preparing for meetings
  • Conference in to meetings and calls to listen and take notes and reminders
  • Internet research – finding job applicants and first level screening, due diligence on new clients or suppliers, preparation of reports and presentations
  • Networking – creating and managing your profile on LinkedIn or your Facebook business page
  • And so much more….

Selecting your All-Rounder:

The best All-Rounder is the virtual assistant who has a passion for their work, can multi-task, is very organised and detail-orientated and knows their way round standard office software like Microsoft Office.

Obviously, they should be proficient in English, both written and verbal – after all, they will be representing you and your business. A small word of advice though – you don’t necessarily need perfect Queen’s English.

For many Filipinos who speak good English, a virtual assistant job is the first rung on a long career in call centres. The better their English the more likely they are to move on quickly, enticed by higher earnings in the big global outsourcing companies.

Finally, remember this is your VA’s livelihood so create a task list that will make it a full-time job and avoid them spending time trying to find other ways to earn what they need to live.

Don’t settle for the first VA you find. Interview as many as you need on Skype to find one you feel confident you can work with.

Any Downsides?

As with any new relationship, personal or professional, there is a ‘getting to know you’ stage that is especially important when starting out with your new right arm.

Very few Filipinos have much experience dealing with Australians so they will need time to adjust to the way we talk, Aussie slang and our culture. Be clear about what you need or want and help them to learn as well as understand – the investment in time will be more than repaid.

How do I find my All-Rounder?

Let me help you. Sign up for one of my 3-Day Business Learning Tours to the Philippines and I will connect you to the right people. Failing that, get in touch with me via the website (link: www.mikesmanilatours.com).