Mike is running a SPECIAL – one off 

Mike will be showing and sharing different strategies to ramp up businesses, a stack of new ideas if you want to start a new business AND there will be also a touch of Offshoring strategies.

This will be on April 24th to 27th in the Philippines – limited numbers

Very special (one off only) price $1600 AUD (Mike’s normal tour is $2900)

Includes Accommodation, Meals, Transport – everything except airfares.

If you are looking for:

  • The next “thing”?
  • Ideas to start or improve a business?
  • An insight into business trends?
  • Ways to gain a competitive advantage?

This is 3.5 days of full-on learning resulting in a take home plan. It includes a series of lectures intertwined with stacks of work site visits and group sessions.

For 4 years Mike has been conducting Offshoring Business Tours in the Philippines. These focus on the 7 offshoring structures and “how to”. This tour, is a special one off – designed specifically to give you new strategies to DEVELOP either a new or GROW your existing business.

To find out more email Emma Blando emma@mikesbusinesstours.com or phone 07 3722 3345

NOTE: Numbers are limited due to transport limitations – we expect this special effectively half priced tour to fill fast. This is a ONE OFF tour.

Come with an open mind – we will fill it with ideas and strategies to grow business.