Mike O’Hagan on “Boomer Business Owner”

Recently, Mike O’Hagan was interviewed in the business podcast “Boomer Business Owner”. He discussed how to become a successful entrepreneur online. As well as the process of bringing a startup company towards success through the use of various business techniques.

Mike O’Hagan’s success story

A successful entrepreneur himself with businesses spread across four countries. Having 400 employees, didn’t start out with a lot of the advantages that some startup owners had.
He discussed how he had worked for 35 different companies in ten years before finally moving on to find success when he embarked on his own.
These days, he has achieved success with his short-distance moving business in Australia. As well as a manufacturing to drop shipping company.
Another of his business successes is generating leads. Educating entrepreneurs and company owners about the benefits of outsourcing in the Philippines.
This goes hand in hand with his 3 day Business Learning Tour. This has been growing towards even greater heights.

How He Did It

O’Hagan describes how these successes came about after a great deal of trial and error. It was a matter of finding something that works and doing it all over again. He explains that there are many business ideas and opportunities waiting to be discovered. It is enacting these ideas that can be challenging.

Diversify your businesses

His myriad of businesses all over the world are quite diverse. In the case of the deep sea diving equipment business. He explains that it had come about from mentoring a lot of young people in startups.
He explained that one of these young people had presented him with a new piece of technology that he had developed with his father. And how it combined with the latest LED technology.
They searched for the niche market that this type of development would appeal to and they realized that deep sea divers need this type of light. This was a case of having a product and finding the market it appeals to.

Developing Business Ideas

With his experience in Offshoring, O’Hagan also has a lot of advice to share to budding entrepreneurs also looking to strike it big the same way he did. He explains that what one wants to do would be to make sure that the product is easy to sell. Find ways on how to prove that such a product would sell well to a particular market and you would immediately know how well you would do with a given idea. After that, it would simply be a matter of building the business around it.

Global Expansions

Mike has companies in various countries, each one in charge of a different aspect of a business. Through this worldwide outsourcing, he is able to get the very best value for the product needed. In building a business, he explains that as long as each part of it is the very best value and salable, people would buy it, heralding the beginning of a great business.

Acting on your ideas

O’Hagan wholly encourages acting on business ideas. Whenever someone comes up to him expressing dissatisfaction in their life of working for someone else’s business and hoping to strike it big on his own, he encourages them to take action. People get any number of business ideas, and Mike feels that once there is an idea, it’s easy to grow and expand the business. He encourages other entrepreneurs like him to get away from one’s own environment or neighborhood and look for greater things .
Mike O’Hagan is the man behind MikesBusinessTours. He encourages other entrepreneurs to consider outsourcing in the Philippines to get the best value for their needs. You may listen to the full podcast by clicking here. Contact MikeBusinessTours or email Mike O’Hagan at mike@ohagan.com.au to learn more about his businesses.