Offshored workers in the Philippines

Trend away from Outsourcing Services but Still Using $100-a-Week Workers provides a platform for engaging virtual workers. They have 9.3 million workers for 3.6M businesses. Do I need to say that slowly 9.3M for 3.6M – this is a serious TREND?  The USA is the largest user of oDesk – AUSTRALIA is the second largest user.  Interesting., an Australian owned company, is not far behind, if not ahead, of oDesk.
I’m a serial Entrepreneur. I live in Manila. Over the past 3 years, I’ve seen a massive increase in Aussie businesses of all sizes tapping into the $100-a-week well-educated Filipino workers. Currently, about 1.2 million Filipinos work for western businesses.  The industry here is worth nearly 20 BILLION dollars a year with about 20% annual growth.  To say it’s like a Gold Rush may be an understatement.
20 years ago the BIG corporations started they “outsourcing services” their set structured processes to countries with substantially lower wages.  They have held this cost advantage over the heads of SME’s for years.
But that’s changing.  With the advent of cloud-based solutions and instant communication tools, now western business of ALL sizes are turning to this opportunity.
SME’s now have a similar costs.  With their ability to think quickly and change as fast – the competitive scales are tipping.
One guy sitting at his Computer out the back of Burke with a team of Filipinos working his business is becoming the norm A plumbing business in Tasmania with office staff in Manila booking, processing, paying and doing all the normal office tasks is now common.
They are NOT “outsourcing” set processes and they are also avoiding teams of oDesker. instead, they are choosing to develop teams of their own selected workers – in shared office space – and train them to their needs – focused on the outcomes required and empowered to make decisions.  Exactly as it is back at home.  The power is in sharing tacit knowledge within their own company culture.
This is a relatively new offshoring strategy.  I am seeing outstanding results in work quality and productivity.
In conclusion, the world is changing RIGHT NOW.  Entrepreneurs are riding this wave.  And The change cannot be stopped You either learn to ride it or the ramifications of offshoring will eventually engulf your business.
I feel like I’m talking to the “horse and cart” industry one hundred years ago, when warning that the motor car is going to change their industry.  Either learn to make car bodies or you will drift into irrelevance.
Through, I TEACH Aussie businesses how to avoid getting ripped off and how to maximise productivity when offshoring.  I also show where new business opportunities are developing.  Learn before you do.