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Entrepreneur Experience of Mike O’Hagan – Sharing His Key Tips for Your Offshoring Success

As an Educator, I’m seeing real results from developing teams of workers. The key is to learn how to maximise the engagement of people. And to learn the Offshoring services in the Philippines.

In the past, large businesses “outsourced” to a third party provider who ran a business process. A structured systemised and repeated procedure.

Without the scale of numbers this model failed with smaller establishments (SMEs). Others cannot run your business practices as well as you do. Home based workers from the likes of Upwork (formally ODesk) with its 9.3 million workers made a mark. But it lacks the ability for workers to share knowledge and cooperate.

At the end of the day, businesses need a group of workers in an office all focused on the outcomes. Sharing knowledge and developing, then running processes. The most modern switched on companies have NOT broken up their offices to home based workers. Nothing is better yet than the power of a team sharing.

The growth area is in “Staff Leasing”. In this model, a third party provider takes care of the local issues. Incorporation of the employer, industrial laws, leasing of premises, purchasing of equipment and assists with the culture differences in management.

This frees the business up, to select the right people, train and manage them into a productive team. It also enables low cost, low risk entry into Offshoring. A key to success is using the right type of third party provider to get you started. Located in an area with stable wages and low staff turnover. And able to assist if you grow to a size that incorporation becomes viable.

The Philippines is a Christian society of 105 million people. For over 100 years they have had a compulsory Education system, in English. Office wages (all with University degrees) are typically about $100 a week.

I’m witnessing businesses starting with 1 or 2 workers grow. After learning how to train them into productive roles using the likes of Skype. Then ramping up the numbers. Back office/administration tasks, sales, marketing, accounting, drafting etc. are all low hanging fruit.

Emerging are professional services like engineering, finance, law are all developed in the Philippines by western businesses. Businesses with no or strained profits are generating good profits fairly quickly. Most businesses add more services to their offer. They developed processes that cannot be considered in the west.

From this background, with the entry of smaller businesses into Offshoring. The productivity from a team approach, in the Philippines is booming. Growth in this USD$20billion a year industry is running at about 20% a year.

To learn more I have a short EBook on the subject. Just Email me at book@ohagan.com and I’ll send a free copy. I also don’t mind chatting on the phone if that helps. Message me to set up a time.