Call Centres And Beyond – Discover Australian Business potential

At some time you have probably been connected to call centres in an area where wages are lower than you are used to. Major corporates used these cost-effective labour models for many years.
The Philippines is an area that has embraced the potential.  It has proven that westerners are more comfortable with the softer Filipino accent than the harsher Indian tones.
Spoken and written English are mandatory throughout the Filipino schooling system, albeit Americanised. This makes the potential for reliable and accomplished workers very high. For many years, it was common for Filipinos to work abroad once they graduate. To earn enough income to support the family, including younger siblings. Since the development of call centres in Manila and other regional locations. Many of these have been able to remain in the country with much better work prospects.
This model has developed into Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) Centre Industry. Which covers a plethora of tasks that can be completed by workers with wages much lower than in the western country.
In fact, there are approximately 1.2 million workers in Call Centres and BPOs currently in the Philippines.  Before, these people would have had to move to foreign countries.  They have the best of technology and reliable communications available to them. Making the staff a valuable resource for a parent business.
Both large corporations and small businesses alike.  With the diversity of structures, from a done-for-you model. Where the BPO implements existing processes in a streamlined manner. To more flexible models where off-shore staff members are trained within the culture and processes. That encouraged to contribute to the ongoing internal development and improvement.
With the rapid development of technology, it’s true that some of the current roles are being replaced by automation. It is also true that the introduction of more effective technology means that these off-shore workers are becoming more and more efficient.
As a culture, they also tend to be very adaptable so as technology changes the role. They develop the skills required to maintain their value to their employer. This is due, to the highly regarded and compulsory education system in place. With most of the younger generations progressing through tertiary study.
One significant point to note is the low ratio of Filipino BPO workers working for Australian businesses.
The reason that it is significant is that the time-zone for the Philippines is closely aligned to Australian time-zones. In fact, it matches the Western Australian zone.  There is a 13 hour time difference between Manila and New York.  For USA companies to employ Filipino off-shore workers, the workers either need to work night shift. Which is demanding on their lives and impacts on their family time. Although it is better for them than relocated abroad. There can be lack of consistency in communication due to the mismatched working hours.
But when employed by Australian businesses, a Filipino can work their normal day shift. and coincide with their Australian counterparts.
This makes communication easier. The offshore worker is able to be more available for family support. Which is an important facet of the culture.  Day-shift roles for Australian businesses are highly coveted positions.
Of the 1.2million staff currently employed in BPOs and Call Centres in the Philippines. The vast majority are working for USA companies.  Only about 150,000 are working for Australian businesses.  This is a resource that is currently under-utilised by Australian companies. This is also set to increase in the future. As business owners become more aware of the potential. Mike’s Business Tours is an industry leader specifically for this reason.
 Mike O’Hagan not only teach. He also transfers his knowledge and understanding of the processes. He also actively and efficiently engages workers using this model. To improve the bottom line of his own businesses. And allow for the employment of additional Australian based staff.  Mike’s Business Tour introduces attendees to a variety of staffing and industry models.
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