training remote employees in australia

Training Remote Employees in Australia – Trick and Tips.

When employing an offshore team, it is important that they understand your business, culture, as well as your customers and clients. It is important that they understand Australia, and the it’s culture. A great deal of this can be done through the creation of “lifestyle” videos.  Create some specific vision that is relevant to your business […]

Entrepreneurial Lessons: From the Ground Floor to the Penthouse

Necessity is the mother of invention, but the birth of an entrepreneur requires more than necessity.  It requires a great dream, unwavering determination to survive, and an unquenchable thirst for improvement.  From an almost empty pocket and a dream of being my own boss, I have managed to learn a lot of things about entrepreneurship […]

Offshoring Strategy

The trend away from outsourced but still using $100 a week workers ………… provides a platform for engaging Virtual workers – they have 9.3 million workers for 3.6M businesses.  Do I need to say that slowly?   9.3M for 3.6M – this is a serious TREND.  The USA is the largest user of oDesk – AUSTRALIA is the second largest user.  Interesting. an Australia owned company […]