Offshore to the Philippines

Never Give up: How I Saved My Business Through Offshor

As a business owner for 20 years, my business enjoyed constant profitable growth. From a $200 start-up, we bootstrapped the company to $30M with 500 staff . Then the GFC hit. The consequential ensuing mayhem caused a 30% reduction in market size across Australia. Within a few months we had serious red ink. Workers were […]

Business Mistakes to Avoid

6 Tips to Avoid Common Business Mistakes in Getting Low-Cost Employees

It’s actually very easy to hire staff in the Philippines with amazingly productivity, who are paid about $120 a week. These staff members are all educated in English with university degrees. But like anything, there are traps and issues.   Most mistakes come from lack of understanding of the critical success factors when getting low-cost employees. […]

Mike O’Hagan on Web Marketing That Works: Outsourcing and the Changing World of Business

Entrepreneur Mike O’Hagan was featured on Bluewire Media’s “Web Marketing That Works” podcast. There, he shared stories about his early days as a budding entrepreneur. His reasons for venturing into business. The cost-efficient solutions that he discovered in the form of business process outsourcing. And why Australian businesses should be prepared to go global. Moving […]

Mike O’Hagan on “Boomer Business Owner”

Recently, Mike O’Hagan was interviewed in the business podcast “Boomer Business Owner”. He discussed how to become a successful entrepreneur online. As well as the process of bringing a startup company towards success through the use of various business techniques.   Mike O’Hagan’s success story   A successful entrepreneur himself with businesses spread across four […]


From BPO Business Process Outsourcing to Specialised Services

To appreciate this discussion, you need to understand that in the Philippines, larger corporate or BPO Business Process Outsourcing employers typically pay their administration workers with a university degree $45AUD a week. That’s $1.13AUD an hour. Away from these larger employers, wages are even lower. The scary part is that they are often better educated than […]